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Alex is a 16-year-old misfit, a school drop-out - she´s been using drugs, cutting herself and is a general failure. Now, her adoptive mother has put her in an internship at a Northern German farm to work with horses, as her last chance to find a balance in life. There she meets Nina, her teacher, a 30-something lesbian, a horse lover, who needs a break from her partner Christine and their city-life. After Alex hates being at this remote farm in the middle of nowhere, she slowly connects with the horses. Then, an upper-class girl, Kathy, arrives at the farm for a vacation with her own beautiful horse. At first Alex dislikes priviledged Kathy, but slowly the unlike girls start a friendship: Kathy becomes smitten by streetwise and energetic Alex. They do silly things together like playing in the mud at the ocean. One weekend they´re alone at the farm and things get out of control. A coming-of-age story with girls and horses in the stark evironment at the most Northern tip of Germany at the ocean near the Danish border.